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Blockchain advisory to P3iD Cloud. Delivering process enhancement solutions / HAIvia the environmental services world is full of overwhelming data from both governmental and internal sources. HAIvia Dashboard efficiently decodes this information for optimal infection prevention and patient safety by managing and analyzing the cleaning environment. Infection prevention decision support.




At the core of any robust software application is a high-performance database engine. MongoDB is a modern style database designed with cloud, mobile and big data as a top priority. P3iD Cloud and MongoDB have similar visions on how databases and software applications need to operate with extreme reliability, offer incredible scalability and of course, the provide the highest levels of security.

The P3iD Cloud team has the expertise to understand and maintain current applications but also advise on how to build or leverage existing MongoDB resources for additional operational productivity. Developing, enhancing and scaling software applications is a must in today’s competitive business environment and the winning combination of P3iD Cloud and MongoDB can help organizations maintain this competitive advantage now, and long into the future.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the unquestionable leading provider of Cloud-based infrastructure services. P3iD Cloud has been an AWS consumer, partner and development partner for many years since the early days of AWS as a commercial offering.  Organizations of all sizes can benefit from P3iD Cloud’s extensive knowledge of the AWS platform, tool and resources.

The P3iD Cloud team can quickly and efficiency design, operate and support AWS infrastructure of all sizes. Additionally, the P3iD Cloud team also has knowledgeable resources on such complementary requirements such as AWS Marketplace (marketing) and integration services. This 360-view of a cloud-first operational strategy in working with P3iD Cloud and AWS provides organizations maximum business value.


Oracle Cloud

P3iD Cloud and Oracle Cloud have partnered to make the transition to Cloud easy, effective and efficient for our valued mutual clients. The extensive offering of Oracle Cloud services by P3iD Cloud allows organizations of all sizes to migrate to cloud services at a pace that is comfortable for their specific requirements. Whether you are a start-up organization that will start 100% Cloud or whether you are an established business with hundreds of legacy on-premise software applications looking to move, P3iD Cloud can consult on the proper strategy and execute a winning plan.

The P3iD Cloud consultation approach aims to overachieve even the highest level of client satisfaction and, as such with Oracle Cloud’s extensive portfolio of solutions, P3iD Cloud offers advice on options and strategies instead of selling. After evaluating true client requirements, P3iD Cloud provide the technology, services and support from pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure, Hybrid-Cloud with Migration services as well as software development projects.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

P3iD Cloud uses the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide truly innovative technologies and process methodologies to our valued mutual clients. The P3iD Cloud team has expertise of GCP that brings innovative tools such as Big Data analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding to small and medium sized businesses which were traditionally only available to huge enterprise organizations.

P3iD Cloud has always been a huge proponent of open interoperability, leveraging the best-of-breed technologies and providing delightful client experience and, as such, GCP in an ideal technology partner. Our clients benefit from P3iD Cloud’s extensive knowledge of business process improvement and the combination of GCP’s massive infrastructure to provide outstanding economies of scale that you can leverage to your organizations advantage.


The Linux Foundation

P3iD Cloud and The Linux Foundation share similar philosophy regarding the value of open source software and communities. With this similar philosophy of sharing and contributing to openly sharing creative software code our desire is to make excellent technology available to everyone.

P3iD Cloud has participated in many Linux Foundation training programs and it is our strong desire to pay back our gratitude to the community by sharing our code and experience with others. Education and hands-on experience are important skills that the P3iD Cloud has acquired thanks to the Linux Foundation. P3iD Cloud will sincerely share our learning with others, with no string attached, as a gesture of our gratitude.


Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)

The P3iD Cloud team are members of the AIIM community. AIIM is a not for profit association of information management professionals that share challenges, solutions and real experiences in relation to managing information within organizations.

Managing your organizations important digital information is nothing to be taken lightly and, therefore, P3iD Cloud invests heavily in providing expert consultation and training for our valued clients and partners. We cannot express strong enough the value of sharing experiences in order to avoid critical implementation mistakes as well as learn best practices to get the most out of your organizations technology investment.


The TWAIN Working Group

TWAIN is a low-level software driver that allows document scanning peripherals, such as digital copiers or dedicated paper scanning devices, and software applications to communicate. As a set of open source standards, TWAIN is actively used by millions of scanning devices worldwide and P3iD Cloud strongly supports open standards.

As a cloud-first software development company, P3iD Cloud and The TWAIN Working Group are strong partners in the desire to innovative new ways for creating efficiencies associated with the workflow process of capturing documents with document scanning peripherals. P3iD Cloud will extend the core capabilities of TWAIN by integrating TWAIN features and functions into our overall platform.


Microsoft Azure

P3iD Cloud is working with several Microsoft technologies including Azure for many of our cloud infrastructure services.

As a technology partner, P3iD Cloud ideally compliments Microsoft technologies because of our extensive expertise in handing document images and converting to different office file formats via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as well as our experience with document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.

The P3iD Cloud team is also always on the cutting-edge to incorporate, and partner with Microsoft, for new innovation like Cortana voice assistant and supporting standards such as WOPI (Web Application Open Platform Interface).


IBM Hyperledger

As a critical foundational component of the P3iD Cloud Business Efficiency Center (BEC) platform, P3iD Cloud is proud to partner with IBM and incorporate IBM Hyperledger blockchain into BEC. In the true spirit of blockchain and the concept of ‘trust’ within the blockchain, the Hyperledger project and technology are an overall idea fit for P3iD Cloud.

Our mutual clients benefit from the fact that IBM is investing heavily in Hyperledger so this will be supported by IBM directly to ensure the highest level of success. However also, as an open source project, the risk to organizations is dramatically reduced with access directly to the source code which can be developed, maintained and supported by the community itself.