SecureScan for Box (50 users)


A great starter package, the P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™ solution is the ideal fit for organizations that have low-volume document automation requirements or are extremely budget constrained. SecureScan for Box™ contains all the components an organization needs to instantly incorporate business enhancing workflows to reduce operational costs, improve customer experiences and create a competitive advantage.

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P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™ (50 Users) Benefits:

  • People:
Provide users with an easy experience to get their specific job tasks done quickly and efficiently. A satisfied worker, with the proper work-tools, is always a better employee. As a result, customers feel employee satisfaction is sincere and prefer to do business with high employee satisfaction.
  • Process:
Gain additional productivity within an organization by allowing workers to focus on their specific responsibilities and not doing tedious tasks such as manual data entry that can now be done with SecureScan for Box™ automation tools.
  • Policy:
Reduce risk within organizations associated with unintentional, or even intentional, data leakage with a secure document capture and control system. SecureScan for Box™ includes many security features such as secure login, pre-defined document workflows and centralized management for the entire system.
  • Productivity:
In the end, an invest in SecureScan for Box™ should be rather obvious with tangible Productivity improvements. Whether the goal was to raise employee People satisfaction and, as a result, customer satisfaction. Or whether the main priority of an organization is to decrease operational costs through improved business Process. Or even if an outcome is to improve productivity by reducing risk through enforcing Policy within the organization, the return on investment for P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™ will be realized rather quickly.


P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box – Business Use Case Scenarios:

P3iD Vertical MarketsEngineered with care to consider maximum system flexibility in order fit precise vertical market requirements, the P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™ of solutions has many scenarios for use. Regardless of whatever industry an organization is in there is always areas of business process improvement. The P3iD Cloud team has decades of experience designing, implementing and supporting complex solutions in a wide variety of vertical markets including Federal Government, Healthcare, State and Local Government as well as many others. Working closely with organizations and utilizing the P3iD Cloud’s experienced team, the overall SecureScan for Box™ solution becomes a finely tuned efficiency machine. Below are a few examples that illustrate some of the most typical use case scenarios for document processing automation solutions:


Industry Use Case Scenario Solution
Accounting Your organization receives invoices that require entering the details from the invoice such as vendor name, payment due and invoice number for either general accounting or workflow approval purposes. The organization desires to have this data available in the accounting system for several reasons including true visibility of Accounts Payable. A second reason is to take advantage of any prepay discounts if the invoice is paid within a certain time period. So whether the motivation is visibility or whether motivation is financial, getting the data into the system quickly is what is of importance. Having humans type this data in by-hand is time-consuming, error prone and costly human labor. P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™, with its automatic Invoice data extraction capability, makes the processing Invoices simple, efficient and effective. As the Invoices are introduced within the organization, whether already digital via e-mail or hard-copy document, SecureScan for Box™ has the capabilities of ingesting and processing these Invoices quickly. The results are:

  • -Better visibility of AP
  • -Process quicker
  • -Take advantage of prepay discounts
Retail Your organization has one headquarters location with remote retail stores in various other separate locations. During the course of normal daily business these remote store locations collect the cash register receipts with the customer’s signature authorization. The headquarters location requires copies of these receipts nightly to reconcile accounts receivable but, also, the bank requires the receipt copies as part of compliance risk-reduction in order for the organization can maintain their bank borrowing limit. With P3iD Cloud SecureScan for Box™ remote location document capture automation capability, the remote locations simply drop a stack of receipts into the scanner, press one button and the images are instantly sent to Headquarters. The results are:

  • -Employee satisfaction at remote locations
  • -Better adherence to compliance policy

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